Laparoscopy also known as the key-hole surgery. It is a surgical procedure which uses special surgical instrument called laparoscope, which is like a thin telescope with light source, to look inside the abdomen. It can be passed through a small incision made near the umbilicus. It is considered to be the gold standard as it both diagnostic and therapeutic.


⦁ It provides panoramic and magnified view of the pelvic and abdominal organs

⦁ Visualisation of Tubal patency

⦁ Detects pelvic diseases


⦁ Laparoscopic myomectomy

⦁ Laparoscopic tubal microsurgeries (neo salphingotomy, fimbrioplasty)

⦁ Laparoscopic adhesiolysis

⦁ Management of hydrosalphinx

⦁ Endometriosis- excision, electro- coagulation, Laser vapourisation.

⦁ Lap ovarian drilling

⦁ Lap endometriotic cyst excision.