ICSI-Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

What is ICSI?

It is a specialised form of IVF where a single high quality sperm is injected into a quality oocyte by a micromanipulation technique. ICSI is a boon for men having SPERM DEFECT.

Why do you do ICSI?

⦁ Fertilisation rate is increased and assured

⦁ Choice of choosing Good embryo is assured

⦁ Enhanced success rate especially for male with Sperm defect-Defect in count, motility, morphology.

What is the ICSI Procedure?

Preparation for ICSI:

⦁ Correct BMI of woman

⦁ Hormone Assay for the woman

⦁ Based on BMI and hormone assay, an Ovarian Stimulation Protocol is made specifically for the woman in order to induce ovulation. Ovulation Induction drugs and injections are given to get more number good quality eggs.

Controlled Ovarian Stimulation: The ovary is stimulated by a proper, tailored Ovarian Stimulation Protocol. The aim is to get the optimal number of good quality eggs.

⦁ Oocyte is retrieved from the female by a procedure called Ovum-Pick-Up, which is done under short General Anesthesia (GA).

⦁ Sperm is Collected, analyzed, and washed. Good quality sperms are selected for ICSI.

⦁ The selected sperm will be injected into the the egg using a micromanipulator syringe and fertilization is done.

⦁ The fertilized egg will become an embryo. After 3-5 days, the live embryo will be transferred directly into the uterus of the woman.